Be Afraid Of The Morgellons 2011

With our assessments, you’ll find nicely more than 100,000 people infected because of Morgellons 2011 Disease globally along with the figures are going up easily. But who actually cares? There are 3 aspects of prospective reduction who may possibly be thinking about supporting these and future victims remove their terrible symptoms:

â–º The United States CDC
â–º The Medical Community at large
â–º People who at present provide goods that claim to supply relief


In the last 7 years, around 40 United States Senators and congressmen have written letters towards the CDC requesting they perform a through investigation directly into this strange disease. The list of US Senators consists of then Senator Obama, Senator Hillary Clinton and several other people. In 2007, the CDC announced they would perform the exploration with Kaiser Hospital in Oakland, California. Almost four years latter, you’ll find no published results of these investigations which had been done within the CDC by the United States Army. Insiders inside the study show that the results will probably be that there is no proof to demonstrate the presence of Morgellons Disease.

The Medical Community at big; thirty-five years ago when patients presented with AIDS/HIV symptoms, they had been told ”it is all within your head” and ”you are delusional.” Why? It is because HIV was not yet in their books. If it isn’t named a standard illness, it doesn’t exist. So when these suffering Morgellons victims go to the physician, they are told that they are delusional and they ought to take psychotropic drugs, which of course does nothing for them to just accept empty their wallets. A few unlucky Morgellons suffers have been involuntarily imprisoned.

You’ll find no real tests for Morgellons currently, however MD’s, not psychiatrists are making psychiatric diagnosis. The Morgellons victim is told that they ”picked at themselves” which brought on the Morgellons skin lesions all around their bodies. Practically many Doctors within the USA don’t know Morgellons 2011 so they regularly ignore it as delusional. So the Morgellons sufferer continues to suffer.

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