The bountiful effects of a juice fast

Short term fasting has been around for centuries and advocated for not only religious reasons but also for overall health and well being. For instance, iconic leaders such as Jesus all the way down to the father of modern medicine have incorporated fasting as a way to seek spiritual enlightenment and for overall health.

Needless to say, the dilemmaone drawback is that a fasting diet in today is not really possible.  The majority of us devote hours a day working and the plan of not eating when are co-workers are busy feeding their stomachs through out lunchtime may not be such a good plan.  Temptations occur and sooner than you know it, the 3 day fast has become a 12 hour diet.

Because of this, a more stripped variation of a fasting diet may be to remove the solid foods and only ingest food items which are easily digestible and do not work the digestive system.  In this case, a 3 day juice fasting diet could do the trick.  

So how does it work?

Where some people go wrong once they’re incorporating a fasting program is usually that they go into it immediately.  Fasting does have a few unwanted side effects, with the vast majority of people complaining about bowel irregularity.  The most effective way to prevent this is to ease into a fast first by spending the first couple days eating only uncooked vegetables and fresh fruits.  This can help the body get ready for a short time with no solid foods.
What to drink on a fastStore purchasedjuices really should be left alone because of the extra additives and sugars in the juice itself.  You may also need to water down the juice.  Remember, you are implementing this to detox your body;  any extra stuff other than the juice of the fruit itself will cause more pressure on the digestive system.  Drinking juice is just a way to help you manage the hunger pains associated with a fast.

The very best juices to consume include the kinds you most likely aren’t familiar with.  Whereas apple and orange juice may sound better you will want to add chorella, wheatgrass and other green vegetables into the mix.  The sweet fruits are meant to make the juice a tad bit more pleasing.  Apple juices can be mixed with the veggie juices.

Also, the temporary juice fast will only help with immediate problems.  For example, a 3 day juice fast will help to haste the recoveryrecuperation of a recent problem and also is considered to assist detoxify the blood.  In contrast, merely adding 2 extra days will reinforce ones immune response.

For more information on juice fasting diets.

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