Are There Any Alternatives To Laxatives?

If you are constipated then it can bring your life to a grinding halt until you find a solution. You will probably lose your appetite while you are suffering, and it can make sitting down very uncomfortable as well as affecting your ability to concentrate and even to sleep. So how do you cure it? Below are the main things that people use to get relief:

Laxative pills

These are what most people will use when they experience constipation, they are easy to take and easy to buy over the counter at any shop that sells basic medicine. Although there are lots of different brands with lots of different ingredients, then basically there are just two types, you have one which tries to force contractions to help you push things out, and another which tries to soften your stools so they are easier to get rid of.

The irritants are usually effective for most people, and you need to give them about 12 hours to work so you are probably best taking them first thing in the morning, or at night, but if you have hard stools then they might not work and may cause more discomfort.

Stool softeners

These are aimed at people who suffer with hard stools and they try to soften them up so you can pass them easily. You can get this in a bottle which you take doses from, or in little gel caps instead that you take some of throughout the day. It works by allowing and trapping more water in your intestines, to help saturate the stool and loosen it up. If you have hard stools then this is great way to get some relief, but note it will take a few days for most of them to take effect.


Your third choice is a lubricant like prune juice or something like that which can coat the inside of your intestines and help transit through. A lubricant is great if you use it alongside one of the irritant laxatives described earlier, then as the laxative kicks in and makes you push then the lubricant helps you out.

Laxative tea

Most of the laxative teas on the market use senna in them to help in the same way as a laxative pill to irritate the intestinal wall and force movement. In actual fact senna is used in some laxative pills that are on the market as a natural alternative to the chemicals, but when you have it as a herbal laxative tea then you can get a bigger dose that you would in a small pill, and as it is a liquid it gets absorbed by your system a lot quicker.

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